Tuesday, January 25

Quotester -

Photography: Jeremy Kippel -
Ever so often I get little saying or quotes in my head and I post them on my facebook.
Here is just a few I found going back to about November.

"I'm living the dream, one nightmare at a time."
"If I were a nickel, I would be shiny and mint but only worth four cents."
"If I were a kite, I would fly on a string at a mediocre height."
"I'd rather be booed off stage than entertain the masses."
"If you knew the things I knew, you would know a lot more than you know."
"There's no such thing as "free" time."
"You can't wear fur unless you are at the republican convention" - Drunk Older Women On New Years
"Did you incept me? cause not only do I hate you, but my subconscious does to."
"I am a diamond in the rough, and you are just rough."
"I once was sleeping for 24 hours, once I woke I thought I was dead.
I once was dead for 24 hours, once I woke I thought I was sleeping.

"I celebrate Hanukkah a few weeks later for the clearances."
"You cant spell mettlesome without me."
"Fantasy football is a major cause of high blood pressure in America, I am sure."
"When I close my eyes I can still see your face...
It haunts my dreams.

"Id rather listen to music than that rancid thing you call your "voice."
"I am not smiling, you're upside down."
"Whether the glass half full or half empty, I am not thirsty."
"Imagine All The Cowboys From Hell. RIP Dimebag Darrell and John Lennon."
""Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks"
I'm mute."
"Ive got a neck beard that would rival Pau Gasols."
"If I didn't know better, I would believe you."
"You sound as stupid as you look."
"I live in the wrong place. Charleston South Carolina was voted as the most attractive city. I need to go live with my own kind."
"People forget that our mp3 listening, gps direction giving, wordfeud playing, text messaging, picture taking machines are still a phone. Call someone sometime."
"I wonder if when people see I commented on a their post, they don't even want to look at what nonsense I posted."

If you know of one that was good, let me know.